Have you got a sweet tooth?

…if you’re anything like me, YES! Nothing paves the way to my heart quite like a soft serve cone, or strawberry shortcake.

But I’ve found a way we can indulge in alllll the sweets we want without you know, the sugar coma. To me, the “adult” version of sugar, what sugar “daddies” and sugar “babies” imply, means affection, intimacy, playfulness, and so much more.

My journey into becoming Janey began with one very meaningful relationship, my first sugar daddy, who helped me through my first year of college and taught me how to take care of myself, while also trusting that whatever was left over that I couldn’t handle, he would be happy to.

Life moves in fast forward, and after he moved I hadn’t managed to stop and look around for the man that could fill that special role. But I’m ready to slow things down, and enjoy your company.

My “Sweet as Sugar” package implies a lower donation, the more consistently we meet. I’ve found after three years of entertaining gentlemen as Janey, that the most quality hours spent have been with the clients I’ve had the privilege of getting to know the longest and deepest. Being a “sugar daddy” can be as simple as meeting weekly or bi-weekly for a lowered donation, or it can be so much more. In previous arrangements, we’ve enjoyed meals, broadway shows, shopping sprees, and even vacations abroad.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth for Janey, let’s talk!

XOXO, Miss Janey Starr