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Have you got a sweet tooth?

…if you’re anything like me, YES! Nothing paves the way to my heart quite like a Coney Island soft serve cone, or a Junior’s strawberry cheesecake!

But I’ve found a way we can indulge in alllll the sugary sweetness we want without the guilt.

My first “sugar” relationship began three years ago, and made me realize that I wanted to become a companion, to make people happy for a living. This first “sugar daddy”, who helped me through my first year of college and taught me how to take care of myself, while also trusting that whatever was left over that I couldn’t handle, he would be happy to.

I’m so happy I met that kind and generous man, and was saddened when he moved out of town. However, I still have that room in my heart for someone special, and am ready to seek my next mentor.

My “Sweet as Sugar” package implies a lower donation, the more consistently we meet. Though I do appreciate relationships with outings — meals, shopping, and even vacations — I consider you a close friend and offer you this lowered donation if we see each other at least twice a month.

I’m more than excited to get to know you.

Now where’s that ice cream we mentioned?