When you’re with Janey she’ll make you feel like you’re the only person in the universe that matters.
— - itsafunnystory on Private Delights

“When you're with Janey she'll make you feel like you're the only person in the universe that matters.”

“You won't regret it. I can't recommend Janey highly enough!”

“She's doing a little porn now (definitely worth checking out too!), so see her ASAP before she becomes an out-of-reach superstar.”

Throughout the planning, she was super quick in her responses, which is much appreciated. For the session itself, all I can say is WOW! She's cute, sexy, and smart. Just really interesting and fun to be with. A great conversationalist. When you're with Janey she'll make you feel like you're the only person in the universe that matters. The outside world will cease to exist, if only for a few hours. She's doing a little porn now (definitely worth checking out too!), so see her ASAP before she becomes an out-of-reach superstar. You won't regret it. I can't recommend Janey highly enough!

— itsafunnystory on Private Delights

“I may have to go back and see her every week!"

Janey is an angel. Really, the sweetest and most relaxed provider I've been with. She's real trouble though, because I may have to go back and see her every week!

— M.T.Jazz on Fetlife

TER ID 325996

"Oh well, where do I begin!! I found Janey's ad one fine day.

I began texting her and I immediately realized she was well educated. Her texts were spot on and her replies immediate.

As D-day approached, I requested her to dress a certain way and she was more than willing to oblige.

The day finally dawned and I was so excited. I reached the place I reserved and waited for her. She texted me when she got there and I could hardly wait.

She finally rang the bell and lo and behold....what I saw in front of me was the sweetest little thing.

Her smile got me right at ease. We exchanged a few pleasantries (I got her a little negligee to wear and she complimented me on my taste...;-) She even sweetly asks me to unzip her and immediately slipped into the negligee in the bathroom.

She got out of the bathroom and lord, was I smitten! We move onto the bed and I taste her sweet lips.

Her supple breasts and the most perfect ass possible...oooh la la! Every time I requested her to do something, she had such a sweet giggle that I immediately felt at ease.

God, was I in heaven. I finally ended making the most passionate love to her and she loved it.

We lay in bed chatting about a bunch of things and it was so much fun considering how well read she is.

I had promised to leave a review, but to be honest, I really don't want to share her. But, she's such an angel, it's only but fair that I keep to my promise. People, please treat her like a princess...she surely is one and you owe her that.

My ATF for sure and I will be seeing Janey often..."

— racvoj on Erotic Monkey


"She blew my mind, will definitely call her again very soon. Janey admittedly was my first time ever doing this type of thing. I was nervous as hell and did not know what to expect. She showed up right on time, chatted with me and gave me a great GFE to calm me down. After a few minutes she disappeared into the bathroom to change into her school girl dress and thong. Holy fuck...I had to grab that amazing round ass. We had some DFK and made our way over to the bedroom. I was raging hard at this point and was in absolute ecstasy when she gave me the sloppiest BBBJ. After 5 minutes of that I laid her on the bed, put a cover on and we started to fuck. Let me say this...watching her cum over and over was probably the single hottest thing I've ever experienced. Hands down. We went at it for 45 minutes before I finally came. I am absolutely going to be a repeat customer. She was perfect."

-hastur666 on Erotic Monkey

"Janey is an adorable little kinkster with a dirty mind and body for sin. After much back and forth we finally found a time that worked for us. She arrived dressed casually looking like a 20something college girl next door. We got acquainted for a bit then retired to the bed. Her body is gorgeous. Tight and smooth with perky tits and tight little ass. Which i proceeded to spank. Janey is a natural submissive so the more i spanked her the more turned on she got. I pulled her up for some kissing while i fingered her tight little box. She was soaking wet . I ordered her down to her knees where slid my stiff cock inter her mouth. She took me as deep as she could occasionally gagging but never stopping. I had to fuck this little minx and threw her little body onto the bed and applied the condom. She is so tight and tiny, i felt like i was going to break her in two, but she handled me just fine. She came a couple of times, before i couldn't hold out any more and came. We cuddled a bit until i put her hand on my cock. she played with it until it was hard and then just instinctively moved down to start blowing me. This evolved into a face fucking the likes of which I've never had. She sucks cock like its her mission in life to make you cum, and that i did, right down her throat!" -mcspears on Erotic Monkey


"Absolutely gorgeous, very sweet, and fun to spend time with. I posted an ad seeking a companion for some fetish activity. Janey emailed me saying she could help, gave me her number, and directed me to her profile. I met her for coffee the next day. She put at complete ease the moment I met her. As beautiful as she looks and as cool as she sounds on her various online profiles, the reality is even better than I could have imagined. She is very friendly, incredibly sweet, and genuinely interesting to converse with. We only did fetish activity at my request, I did not ask for full service. She was happy to oblige. Before we started to play, she got undressed to reveal an absolutely perfect body. Perfectly shaped B cup tits, perfect figure, incredible ass, nicely shaped legs and a cute, shaved pussy. She has an incredibly fit, hard (but not too hard!) body.The experienced was not rushed at all, and we made great conversation the whole time. We talked sex, politics, books, fitness. At no point was I bored and nothing felt forced. Even if we had kept our clothes on I would have still enjoyed my time with her very much. Everything about her is better than advertised. To have someone like her naked in my bed almost didn’t seem like real life! All the praises she has been given in her other reviews are 100% true and absolutely deserved. I can’t wait to see her again! She was completely chill and non-judgmental about my fetishes. Overall this was truly the best experience I have ever had with a provider by far. If you’re lucky enough to meet her, be good to her! You’ll definitely want to see her again." -Mr494 on Erotic Monkey

"I had the distinct pleasure of getting to meet this awesome young lady the other night. I had a good feeling when I saw her first review, which was only reinforced by her demeanor when I contacted her. However, even with high expectations, I was not prepared for how much fun it would be to actually spend time with her. Janey has this amazing combination of maturity beyond her years, youthful innocence and wicked inclinations that has me mesmerized. Communication with Janey was simple. She arrived wearing a long tight maxi dress and looked stunning. We chatted a bit, but were making our before long. LFK and embracing as we made our way to the bed. I took my time getting acquainted with Janey’s beautiful figure, as I got ready to dine on her pussy. First with her panties pulled to the side and then with them on the night table.
Janey returned the favor with a sensual blow job, coating my bare dick with her spit and stroking it with her hands. I had invited J to being along an anal toy or two to use on me, and she slid one of her favorites in my ass as she was working me. Kisses, tonguing and caresses punctuated her sliding the toy in and out of me while she never lost contact with my shaft. Janey lay on her back and we tried Russian for a bit. My hand found its way to her lightly covered mound while she expertly got me harder and harder. I was not going to last for much more of her attention, so I had her roll over on her stomach as I slid my spit covered and lubed-up cock on her lower back and upper ass. We got into a serious grind, and I covered her lower back with a layer of cum.
We cleaned up a bit and lay in each other’s arms. Once I could think a little more clearly, we started talking again, sharing stories and the like. Then I was between her legs again, tonguing her clit and exploring with my hands. Build up and release and more clinging to each other. Unfortunately, my words cannot do justice to just how great a time I had. We showered together, got dressed, and headed back into Midtown. I’ve been flying high ever since." -squire4040 on Erotic Monkey


Loved by all of my lovers!

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