When you’re with Janey she’ll make you feel like you’re the only person in the universe that matters.
— - itsafunnystory on Private Delights, December 2018
Janey was the first provider I’ve ever met...we met we hit it off immediately...Janey does a great job of making everything else in your life fall away.
— thisisnotideal on Private Delights, June 2019
The time flew by,
— JSal on Private Delights, May 2019

“I may have to go back and see her every week!"

Janey is an angel. Really, the sweetest and most relaxed provider I've been with. She's real trouble though, because I may have to go back and see her every week!

— M.T.Jazz on Fetlife, May 2017

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She’s become my absolute favorite regular—not seeing any other girls for a long time.
— nycbroadwaylover on Private Delights, April 2019