Seven First Words

Seven First Words

Followed by all these firsts

I had let you into,

(Like my childhood bed,

your arms around my waist that night as we melted our faces into the moonlight was all too tempting.)

This is one is mine.

This one collapses any simple thought of you

In a moment.

And in this moment,

Well it’s not just a moment.

It’s reading Salvia Plath, her long long lines for the first time it’s spinning around the entire universe in one, simple second and landing your eyes right back on you.

And there’s this special feeling I’ve never felt before.

Of breath over breath,

and my

everything is

mapped by blood vessels widening, the slowest pulse, all the music.

And your everything is seen through ocean pupils opening, your lips rest at a permanent parting, you trace mine as I say,

“I love how healing you are.”

“Say it again.”

“I love how healing you are.”

Seven first words

The moment I was born.