I’d love to indulge in an intensely intimate, longer romantic escape together, and that’s why I’ve developed…





Starting now and for quality gentlemen only, I’m offering a chance to “run away” to paradise with me. When you book me for an overnight, you get to experience the true temporary girlfriend fantasy.

My overnight rate implies dinner, at least five hours of sleep, and breakfast in bed :)

For playdates two nights or longer, assume my overnight rate plus 1,000 for each additional day.

For example, a three-day weekend with me would be 6,000.

Social Outings

I’d love to be your arm candy to events, excited partner for an adventurous outing, or romantic companion for an intimate dinner.

Social time requires a 400/hour donation, and I appreciate a small gift brought to the occasion as well. We can begin or end a traditional date with a meal or outing, as well!

Los Angeles Donations

Sweetest Greetings, 60 mins ~ 600

A Moment’s Escape, 90 mins ~ 800

One Fleeting Kiss, 2 hr ~ 1,200

Make it Special, 3 hr ~ 1,700

Get To Know Me, 4hr ~ 2,200

Whatever You Like, 5 hr ~ 2,700

The Day-Cation, 6 hr ~ 3,200

Social Outings ~ 300/hour


I love to travel. On my current wanderlust wishlist is LA, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Boston, Miami, and Las Vegas. Send me an email to ask about flying me to you, or taking me along on your own personal vacation. I’ll be sure to make it a getaway to remember.


It will be our first honeymoon of many! How sweet is that? To relax, explore, and indulge with your sweetest lover, this will be the climax of your experiences with providers. You handle the flights, I’ll make the scrapbook!

I travel domestically and internationally with clients I’ve seen at least twice before. The maximum length for our first trip together will be five days. It will be assumed flights, meals, lodging, and leisure activities will be paid for. Lastly, please respect that I’ll require eight hours of uninterrupted sleep and two hours of alone time each day.

$3,000 per day for a minimum of two days and a maximum of five days

Janey’s sizes, for my generous and thoughtful suitors!

32C brasserie + small in panties

4/small in bottoms

2/XS in blouses and tops

2/small in dress

6 in heels and shoes

I’ve worked hard to construct fair considerations,

taking into consideration the quality of my companionship. I am confident in my ability to provide warmth and intimacy, and to create a safe space where my lovers can explore their innermost desires. Therefore, they are non-negotiable.

Special exceptions are made to trans folks and persons with disabilities, who I encourage to seek the companionship of a provider by offering a sliding scale to my donations.

Donations are to be interpreted as voluntary gifts for the pleasure of spending time with me. Anything that happens in our time is between two consenting adults. No illegal exchange is implied.

Donations for New York City

For a first date, I highly recommend a date of 90 minutes or longer. I’ve decided to prioritize longer engagements because I’ve found that, when the chemistry is good, a short hour just flies by and leaves us both wanting more!

Warmest Hello, Hardest Goodbye, 60 mins ~ 700

A Moment’s Escape, 90 mins ~ 900

One Fleeting Kiss, 2 hr ~ 1,300

Make it Special, 3 hr ~ 1,800

Get To Know Me, 4hr ~ 2,300

Whatever You Like, 5 hr ~ 2,800

The Day-Cation, 6 hr ~ 3,300

I do offer special arrangements for long-term courtships. Click the link below to find out more :)